To Lash or Not To Lash

I always like to give my brides the option of having lashes on their big day. But, the most frequently asked question I get in return is, “Are lashes totally necessary for my look?”

While not totally necessary, they can really increase the boldness of your look or add a pop

of flair to a natural base. What you may not know is that in photos no matter how much mascara you put on it often doesn’t look like you have lashes without them.

So, where do we begin?

Well, firstly, you have choices!

Though you may never know the difference or even realize you have choices, makeup

artists use different lashes for different purposes. To help you better understand your lash choices, I’ve compiled a brief list of lash options available to you as well as my recommendations for the best quality ones to meet your specific look and needs.

1.) Semi-Permanent Lashes

My opinion: They are completely amazing but not necessary. If done right they are not

damaging and stay on looking gorgeous for a couple weeks. Im an avid wearer and my lash

artists Jackie has so many options that I can try for different occasions. They literally lay you

down and apply one lash to one of your lashes so they look the most real

Now you can have many options as far as pricing goes and some can be quite pricey.

Understand that if you go and get them for $40 they are likely being put on with nail glue

(yes it happens) But also you don’t need to pay $400 either. The full set I get is $150 with a

$70 touch up.

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2.) Individual Lashes aka One-Day-Wear Lashes

My opinion: These require medium level maintenance, look good, but take a long time to put

on. These lashes are put on the day of the event and are disposed of afterwards. They are

simple enough to put on and maintain, so they don’t necessarily require professional

application; though, using a skilled makeup artist would be the best bet to ensure they look

amazing. For a novice, it will take a lot of patience and practice to get them on. After all,

you’re applying tiny strand after tiny strand to your lash line! For even a high-level makeup

artist, it takes a little while to get them on. However, the convenience of having them on for

a few hours and then tossing them out is unmatched! Be forewarned though, sometimes a

few pieces become unglued and fall to your cheek.

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3.) Strip/Individual Hybrid Lashes

My opinion: Super easy, super durable, low maintenance, and perfect for a wedding day!

Our team uses these on our brides in a “Demi Wispy” style. They essentially are a strip but

with the clusters attached to the strip so there is a bit of space between.

These types of lashes are so easy to use they don’t necessarily require professional

application; however, a skilled makeup artist can help save time, energy and stress by

applying them for you. Similarly to individual lashes, they do require patience and an

understanding of how to get both the lash and glue to stay secured on your lash line.

Using real hair lashes has become the norm and in my opinion is the most necessary. They

are dark but mimic your own so that you just get that extra flare In fact, they’ll look so real (because they are) that if anyone asks you, “Are those your real lashes?” You can honestly say “Yes, yes they are!”  (You do OWN them and they ARE real after all!)

So, even though it’s not totally necessary to wear lashes on your big day, it’s certainly fun to

do so! If you want to seriously pamper yourself and get glammed up, go for lashes!