Lip Service

Just imagine… it’s a beautiful day, you’re wearing the dress of your dreams, and all eyes are on you… when the Officiant finally says those magical words, “You may now kiss!” 

All is well and exciting!

Except there’s just one thing… before you put your face to your beloved’s, you quickly realize you’re stuck with these options for the impending lip smack…

  1. You can give a knowing grin that tells your hubby “ Don’t kiss me too hard or my lipstick will be all over your face”

  2. You can give a knowing glare that tells your hubby “ Don’t get too crazy or my lipstick will be all over my face”

  3. You can be utterly overcome with joy and happiness that you simply prepare yourself to be dipped and kissed like never before! It’s your big day, after all!

what lipstick to wear on my wedding

If you chose one of the first two scenarios it’s likely because you’ve either never found a lipstick that stays on or you’re just not the Scarlett O’Hara type.  

Well, I’m totally the Scarlett O’Hara type, so no way was I going to pick one of the others!! I believe that everyone should get their own Gone With the Wind moment!   

the perfect lipstick for a wedding

So, after years of searching for the perfect long-lasting pout I realized, this is the solution to the dreaded and ever-feared smudgy wedding kiss!

Yes, yes, yes, you have likely heard of it so this isn’t likely new news…. Lipsense. After using tons of “stains” over the years trying to get that perfect look someone introduced me to this magic and not only will I never wear something different but it’s all I carry in my bridal lip bag….. Well that’s not true I do have one more palette but its so rarely used I don’t know why I bother.

So ask your artist if they use it! If not it’s ok you can go online and get your own or likely you have a friend or an acquaintance that sells it and can hook you up. Having your own for a touch up is always my suggestion for our brides because after 5-6 hours you may need to reapply. If nothing else keep reapplying the gloss that comes with it and you will be luscious all day.

So, let me tell you how to get the perfect look with it—to make it stay and to make it last all day!

  1. Make sure you don’t have anything else on your lips

  2. Apply a thin layer of the color on your lips, up to 3 coats letting slightly dry in between.  – if you mess up use the color remover.

  3. Apply the gloss generously and rub your lips together!

  4. My favorite bridal colors? Bombshell, Honey Rose, Prailine Rose, Blue Red and Fire and Ice. Mix any with the Glossy Gloss or the Bougainvillea gloss

Any downside? Well if you want to change color this will be a bit of a challenge and if you have chapped lips the color will tingle (some say slightly burn) because it has alcohol in it. Feels a bit like a plumper. But after using on myself a couple times it never tingles anymore.

So Kiss away my lovelies.

** Having a hard time picking your color! Reach out to me or check out the color list below.

lipsense color palette